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Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh

Relief International-UK 's project  “The Transparency for Human Rights (THR) in Bangladesh” builds on the tradition of outspoken sharp reporting in Bangladesh with an action designed to train and organise media professionals and media outlets so that they have the power to defend freedom of expression in Bangladesh and to advocate for widespread respect for human rights at the national level through coalitions with other rights defenders and opinion makers. The results of the proposed action are objective reporting, stronger capacity of media professionals to defend the right to free expression, increased public access to information, increased public awareness of and public pressure for human rights, and an improvement in the human rights record of the Bangladeshi government. The 2 years long project is funded by European Commission (EC).

Target groups for the programme are media professionals and opinion makers, educators and youth, local government and civil society representatives in 20 districts across Bangladesh, reached in two phases (10 pilot districts (Gazipur, Naraynaganj, Comilla, Chandpur, Chittagong, Dhaka, Jessore, Bagerhat, Khulna, Joypurhat).

The Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh is built on Relief International’s project Media Access and Education for Human Rights: Bangladesh (MAEHR) implemented in Bangladesh with funding from the European Commission under  the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The 18 months long project was implemented in 10 districts in Bangladesh  over the period 2008 -2009. The MAEHR aims to strengthen the power of the media to enlighten the mass population of Bangladesh about their fundamental rights and issues pertaining to human rights.

Read more about the Media Access and Education for Human Rights.


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RTV coverage

Transparency for Human Rights mini conference, ATN Bangla: 31 May 2011

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Latest News

Human Rights Directory for Bangladesh

Human rights violations have become daily occurrences in Bangladesh. The populations with limited financial resources are especially vulnerable to human rights violations. Those who have been victims of human rights violations often try to seek help from community leaders, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, journalists, human rights advocates and organizations, and local government officials. But many people still lack access to communicate with the above mentioned entities. RI has published human rights directory to fulfill that gap to a certain extent. The directory contains information about important organizations, government officials, civil society organizations, human rights advocates, police stations in 17 districts of Bangladesh, in order to ensure that these entities can be contacted about any incidences of human rights violations. It is hoped that this directory will help provide numerous benefits for the population of these 17 districts. Read More.

NHRC Chairman Delivers Ardent Speech at RI Regional Human Rights Conference

Relief International organized a Regional Human Rights Conference in Bogra on 7 April 2012, to discuss issues pertaining to human rights in Bangladesh.  The event was held at the Hotel Siesta and brought various stakeholders of the EU funded THR program. Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in Bangladesh, delivered an impassioned speech at the event and vehemently protested against an incident in Sylhet, where he was barred from entering the Sylhet Central Jail on 29th September 2011.  The Chairman of NHRC spoke about important incidents pertaining to the human rights situation in Bangladesh and protested against violations which continue to occur in Bangladesh. He emphasized on the importance of respecting the dignity of all human beings and urged everyone to make more efforts to do so. Read More.

The media coverage can be accessed at the following links:

Rights chief gives up on jail visit, The Daily Star, 8 April 2012

ফৌজদারি অপরাধ কখনো মানবাধিকার লঙ্ঘন নয়, Prothom Alo, 8 April 2012

বগুড়ায় ড. মিজানুর রহমান মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধের বিচার না হলে মানবাধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠা হবে না, Samakal, 8 April2012

আর কোনো কারাগার পরিদর্শনে যাবো না: ড. মিজানুর রহমান, Bangla News24, 7 April 2012

I will not visit any jail, says NHRC chairman, The Independent, 8 April 2012

আমি শুনি বিচারকরাও নাকি এখন টাকা খায়: ড. মিজান, Barta 24.net, 7 April 2012

Using FM Radio to Promote Awareness about Migrants’ Rights

On 15 November 2011, RI hosted a 30 minutes long Radio Talk Show on a nationally broadcast radio station to generate awareness about Migrants’ Rights.

Guest speakers Dr. Amena Mohsin, Professor, Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka, and Ms. Sultana Razia, Training Coordinator, Winrock International shared their knowledge, views and comments on the rights of migrants, while Mr. Parimol Palma, Senior Correspondent, The Daily Star, moderated the discussion. Telecast live, the show shed light on the various problems faced by migrants who are often deceived by unscrupulous middlemen, who falsely promise high paying jobs and comfortable lives to the migrants. The speakers underlined the primary causes of this problem, which are poverty and lack of awareness. Finally, the speakers recommended solutions to these ongoing problems, such as caution and responsible behavior to be exercised by potential migrants and the need for migrants to be aware of relevant laws.

RI regularly hosts talk shows on the radio channel, where renowned civil society representatives share their knowledge, experience and views with the listeners.

Authors’ Workshop Held to Discuss Human Rights in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future

Preparations are underway for the publication of a book on the topic “Human Rights in Bangladesh:Past, Present and Future”. RI will support the forthcoming publication which will feature twelve chapters on the past, present and expected future trends in the human rights situation in Bangladesh, and a workshop was held at the Senate Bhaban,University of Dhaka on 25th October 2011 to brief the audience about the proposed book and its respective chapters. The day long workshop drew a host of human rights activists, media professionals, students and relevant stakeholders who are working actively to promote human rights in Bangladesh.

Eminent writers, professors and human rights activists of the country will be writing each of the chapters of the book. Read More.


RI Partners with Radio Today for Monthly Radio Talk Show on Human Rights

On 25th September, RI has signed an agreement with one of the leading FM radio stations in Bangladesh, Radio Today, to air a series of Radio Talk Shows on human rights in Bangladesh. The talk shows will be aired every month and will highlight issues pertaining to human rights in Bangladesh. The shows are to be aired real time and will receive questions and comments from the listeners through SMS. The shows are expected to bring together leading human rights experts and activists as moderators and discussants.

The 30 minute long show will be held at 11 am on the second Tuesday of every month- so don’t miss out your chance to learn all about your country and your rights! The recorded version of the talk show will be posted on this website under podcast sections.

Listen to the Announcement for the Program.


Journalists in Bogra Receive Training on Media and Human Rights

The THR program has now engaged journalists and media professionals working in the Bogra district of Bangladesh, who participated in a day long workshop on “Professional Development on the Media and Human Rights”, held on 23rd August 2011. The workshop was held in the Red Chilies Conference Hall of Bogra, and had 30 participants from different national and local media outlets working in Bogra. Representatives from renowned print media outlets such as The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Inquilab, The Daily Ittefaq, Daily Kaler Kantho,Jay Jay Din, and  satellite television channels such as Channel I,ETV, Bangla vision, ATN Bangla, and more such agencies participated in the workshop.

The main topics discussed comprised of Human Rights Law, Reporting on Human Rights and Ethics of Journalism, and sessions were conducted by resource persons Mr. Advocate Sadrul Anam Ranju, a renowned human rights activist, and Mr. Hasibul Hasan Bilu, Senior Staff Correspondent, The Daily Star. RI Program Officers Mr. Masud Al Mamun and Mr. AJM Zobaidur Rahman Soeb also conducted some important sessions. Read More.

THR Participant Launches Blog on Human Rights

Relief International has disbursed mini grants to 16 to project participants who have prepared informative and hard hitting media materials for the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” program.  Award recipients have produced a diverse range of media materials, from photo stories to video documentaries and many more.

One of the most creative outputs under the component has been the Blog for Human Rights (www.blog4humanrights.com), prepared by A.B.M. Shamsud Doza. The blog documents the latest incidences of human rights violations, as well as other news pertaining to human rights. Some of the current issues addresses by the blog are the case of Rumana Monzur , who was blinded and severely abused by her husband, the rights of labor in the ship breaking industry, budget allocations for physically challenged populations, and more.

RI highly appreciates the endeavor and lauds the efforts of the grant recipient. Output like the Blog for Human Rights epitomizes the commitment and diligence of the program participants.

For more information on the blog, please visit http://www.blog4humanrights.com/

RI Hosts Power Packed Mini Conference at Dhaka University

Relief International is pleased with the immense success of the a mini conference on “Role of Media in Promoting Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh,” at the Senate Building of the University of Dhaka on 31st May 2011.  Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Prof Dr Mizanur Rahman, Prof Dr Imtiaz Ahmed of DU, Consulting Editor of the Financial Express Zaglul Ahmed and RI Country Director Nazrul Islam spoke at the event. Funded by the European Commission and implemented by Relief International, the conference brought together a diverse group of journalists, human rights activists and civil society officials.

The conference discussed more crucial issues pertaining to fundamental human rights and the role of media in re enforcing human rights. The event has been featured in a diverse range of print and online newspapers.

The conference is part of the two years long project “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh”, which is being implemented by RI with support from the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights under the European Commission.

The news coverage can be accessed at :

The Daily Star, New Age, The Independent, Daily Sun, The News Today,

Bdnews24, UNBConnect, Priyo, BSS News, The New Nation, The Daily Prothom Alo

The event has also been covered in other dailies in English and Bengali.

Newsletter Published by NNCJ Members

True to their word, the NNCJ members have been enthusiastically carrying out various activities to accomplish the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” project’s goal of promoting human rights among 20 districts of Bangladesh.  The NNCJ members have now developed a newsletter on fundamental principles of human rights and the various aspects of human rights.

The Newsletter begins with catchy titles like “Every Human Has Rights”, and analyzes the basic meaning of rights and human rights. Rights are a legitimate claim, and with rights come responsibility. A citizen of country has the right to freedom, respect, and security, and at the same time the individual must also be responsible enough to follow the laws of the country. Read More.

The Newsletter can be accessed online at the site : http://manobadhikarbulletin.blogspot.com/

RI Hosts Talk Show on “Freedom of Expression”

Relief International organized a radio talk show on Radio Foorti, a nationally broadcast radio station of Bangladesh. The program was held as part of the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” in order to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May 2011. The program began with a brief introduction about RI and introduction of the speakers, Mr. Jalil Bhuyian, City Editor of The Daily Star and Mr. Rafiqul Islam Ratan, Chief Reporter of Daily Jugantor. They started the discussion with analysis of the term “Freedom of Expression”, which is one of the core codes in our Constitution.  Both speakers agreed that freedom of expression is subject to certain situations, and certain other factors must be taken into consideration such as contempt of court, slander, national security and the like. They stressed that media professionals are at complete liberty to express their opinions, as long as it does not create a problem for anyone else. Read More.

To listen to the recorded version of the radio talk show, Download.


THR Roundtables Featured in Weekly Magazine

The Human Rights Roundtables organized as part of the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” program have once again been featured in the media for its innovative nature and for its effective reach. The Weekly Citizen magazine mainly publishes content pertaining to community journalism and citizen journalism. The recent Human Rights Roundtables held in Keraniganj on 11th April and in Savar on 20th April have been covered by the magazine in the edition published on 26th April.

The article published on the Weekly Citizen is available below:

Citizen Media Coverage.

Human Rights Regional Roundtables in the News

The Human Rights Regional Roundtable Meetings hosted by Relief International and its National Network of Concerned Journalists(NNCJ) have generated significant media attention, particularly due to the innovativeness and effectiveness of the activity. These Roundtable meetings bring together influential members of the community together so that they are able to discuss the issue of human rights and share their views and pertinent information about the matter.

The Roundtable Discussion held on Savar Upazilla Parishad on 20 April also generated much media attention when participants brought up some crucial and useful points. Jahid Hossain Ponir, Savar Upazila Nirbahi Officer, advocated for the fact that although freedom of expression is a right of journalists, they must ensure that they are not tarnishing any other individual or organzation’s image by their reporting. Read More.


Radio Foorti Airs RI’s Third Radio Talk Show on Disability Rights.

The third radio talk show organized by Relief International focused on a very important aspect of human rights, which are the rights of people with disabilities. Mr. AHM Noman Khan( Director, Center for Disability & Development (CDD), and Mr.Vashkar Vattacharya(Programme Manager , Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)  appeared as guest speakers on the show and  shared their valuable insight on the topic., while Ms. Sayema Chowdhury, Deputy Manager, Disability& Enabling Environment Theme, Actionaid Bangladesh moderated the discussion. The show was aired on 31st March 2011 on Radio Foorti,  a nationally broadcast radio channel.

This show was particularly inspiring to all the targeted audience as the guest speakers’ discussion did not merely consist of theories and possible courses of action, but recounted their actual experiences ,where they had successfully introduced revolutionary methods to empower people with special needs and disabilities . In recognition for his outstanding contribution to the field of promoting disability rights and community participation, Mr. Khan has recently been presented with one of the most prestigious awards in Asia, the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2010 for Community Leadership. Read More.

To listen to the recorded version of the radio talk show, Download.

RI Launches “Complain Box” to Track Human Rights Violations.

Relief International will once again implement an activity which will revolutionize the way reporting is carried out in rural areas. The National Network of Concerned Journalists associated with the “ Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” program  have initiated a” Complain Box”  at the  Upazilla Parishad in Khulna, Satkhira, Jessore & Bagerhat districts . The UP Chairman has also approved of this idea, so that community members can use this box to submit their reports on incidences of human rights violations.The members of the NNCJ will check the reports and publish them in their respective journals. Read More.

RI Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Human Rights

A roundtable discussion session on Human Rights was held in Chitalmari Upazilla of Bagerhat district on 18th March 2011, where local government officials, civil society leaders, educators, media professionals and community members discussed various issues pertaining to Human Rights and how effective reporting practices can promote respect for human rights. The chief guest of the event was the Upazilla Nirbahi Officer Wahiduzzaman Munshi who addressed the issue and urged all stakeholders to come forward to promote human rights. Other speakers at the discussion session were Mohammad Babul Miah, Principal, Bangabandhu Mohila College, Swapan Kumar Rai, Principal, Kalidas Boral Memorial College, and Mohammad Mohsin Reza Principal , Sher e Bangla College. Special Correspondent Selim Jahangir and President of Chitalmari Press Club Munshi Delwar Hossain also attended the event. Read More.

RI to Host Series of Roundtable Discussions on Human Rights

As part of the activities of the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh”(THR)  programme , Relief International is all set to host  a series of “Respect Human Rights Regional Roundtables” . As per the planned activities, members of the National Network of Concerned Journalists (NNCJ) will organize Respect Human Rights roundtables for 25 participants comprising of community and religious leaders, educators and youth. Here   participants will discuss topics related to human rights and plan follow-up awareness campaigns, and together they will promote the fundamental cause of the THR programme. These roundtables will are an integral part of the programme and are expected to generate widespread respect for human rights. Read More.

Journalists in 4 Districts Receive Intensive Skill Development Training

The recent series of professional development workshops and capacity building trainings held for journalists in Satkhira, Bagerhat and Khulna have well served their purpose, and participants of the events are highly satisfied with the knowledge and training they have acquired. These trainings have been held in Jessore, Bagerhat , Khulna  and Satkhira on 14th February, 19th February ,22nd February and 28th February  2011 respectively, with each one briefing participants about a diverse range of topics such as role and actions of media in promoting and protecting human rights, journalism ethics, usefulness and components of advocacy in protecting human rights to name a few. Read More.

Media Organizations Laud RI’s Efforts to Promote Human Rights.

Over the month of February, Relief International (RI) has organized a series of Professional Development Workshops (PDW) and Capacity Building trainings for the participants of the programme “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh”. The trainees at these events have been media professionals and members of the National Network of Concerned Journalists (NNCJ), which has been formed as part of the activities of the programme. These trainings have enlightened the participants about various important issues relevant to human rights, laws and acts about reporting, methods of effective reporting, and more such useful topics.  The first day comprised of professional development of 30 journalists, and two more  days comprised of capacity building trainings for members of the National Network of Concerned Journalists. These workshops have been held in Jessore, Bagerhat and Khulna on 14th February, 19th February and 22nd February 2011 respectively. Read More.

The Financial Express

The Independent


RTV coverage


Talk Show on “Child Rights” held on Radio Foorti.

Following the success of the first radio talk show organized by Relief International as part of the activities for the EU funded “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh” programme, the second talk show was aired on 9th December 2010. The show was moderated by Mr. Sharfuddin Khan ,Programme Officer, Social Mobilization and Economic Development, ILO – IPEC . Dr. S M MORSHED,National Consultant (Advocacy and Social Mobilisation),Child Labour Unit of the Ministry of Labour and Employment and Mr. Korvi Rakshand, Founder, Jaago Foundation were the guest speakers at the event. Read More.

To listen the recorded version of the radio talk show, Download.

RI Organizes another Talk Show on Radio Foorti.

Relief International is all set to host yet another Radio talk show as part of the activities for the “Transparency for Human Rights (THR)” programme. Funded by the European Commission and implemented by Relief International, the THR programme promotes respect for human rights through use of media and technology. Read More.

RI attends EU Human Rights Road Show

Relief International has participated in a Roadshow on EU Human Rights , organized by the Delegation of European Commission to Bangladesh. The program, designed to generate awareness about Human Rights, was held in Khulna on 5th December 2010. The event started with H.E. Mrs. Anneli Lindahl-Kenny, Ambassador of Sweden providing the welcome addresses.

The program went on to feature presentations on EU Human Rights Policy in Perspective and Violence and discrimination against women by EU officials Andrew Barnard and by Diane Lamberg-Liszkay  respectively. Short screenings were also made on “Fighting torture together” and “The EU and the Death Penalty”. Read More.

Mobile Court Apprehends 3 Eve Teasers in Bagerhat.

On 25th November 2010, the Mobile Court at Bagerhat has sentenced 3 eve teasers to 1 year of imprisonment each.  This is the first time that the Mobile court has punished eve teasers in Bagerhat with 1 year imprisonment. Lead by Executive Magistrate of Bagerhat, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, the mobile court officials arrested 3 men in front of Shommiloni School who were involved in harassing the school and college going girls. Read More.

Watch local report, Download.

Radio talk Show held on Radio Foorti.

Relief International has successfully organized a Radio Talk Show on “Eve Teasing and Sexual Harassment”, which is a part of the activities to be carried out for the “Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh “ program.

The radio talk show was held on 25 th November 2010 on occassion of the International day for Elimination of Violence against Women. Ms. Tahmina Huq, Deputy Programme Manager ,Women's Rights and Gender Equality Sector of Action Aid Bangladesh and Saikh Imtiaz, Associate Professor,  Department of Gender and Women Studies of the University of Dhaka were the Guest speakers at the event.The sessions were moderated by Jinat Ara Haque, National Coordinator, WE CAN SECRETARIAT ,  WE CAN Alliance to End Domestic Violence in Bangladesh. Read More.

To listen the recorded version of the radio talk show, Download.

Radio Talk Show on “Sexual Harassment and Eve Teasing” Accessible Live Online

The talk show organized by Relief International on “Sexual Harassment and Eve Teasing” will be aired on 25th November 2010 to celebrate “International Day on Elimination of Violence Against Women”.

The talk show will be aired from 11 am to 11:30 on Radio Foorti , and can also be heard live at:



Announcement on the radio talk show in the daily newspapers; The Daily Star, The Independent, The Daily Prothomalo.


Journalists in Joypurhat Learn about use of ICT in Reporting

With the government of Bangladesh making steady yet consistent strides towards achieving their vision of having a ‘Digital Bangladesh’, learning the use of Information and Communication Technology has become imperative for professionals of all sectors. ICT has indeed made the communication infinitely more effective and efficient, and has enabled masses all over the globe to connect with each other regardless of geographical location, language, ethnicity, and the like.

Keeping the importance of ICT in mind, Relief International (RI) and Democracywatch (DW) have jointly implemented the program ‘Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh’.  Funded by the European Commission, this programme aims to raise awareness about human rights in Bangladesh through the use of media. As part of programme activities, a National Network of Concerned Journalist will be recruited and trained on various issues pertaining to human rights and the media regulations.  The project will be implemented in 20 districts across Bangladesh, and Rajshahi is one of the key locations.

Read More